Computer Science

Northwestern University

Hi, I am Salome Wairimu ...

a fan of all things tech.

I am an incoming software engineer intern at Google and my current goal is to join a lab that does research in AI. Previously, I interned at Credit Suisse where my team developed a linear programming model to maximize profits, reduce expenses, and fulfill client orders for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), I also worked on two web development projects during my internship.

Other things I am passionate about: Inclusivity for all, Statistics, Sudoku, and Leadership.

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Interview Prep Challenges

Software Development

In an effort to encourage myself from the progress I was making, I decided to document my soultions to software development interview preparation challenges.

Cancer Incidence in the US


Created a dataset on the cancer incidence levels in the US by state and race. I mined the data from various online sources including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, State Cancer Profiles, and United States Census Bureau. I cleaned the data and created a sqlite database to link it. This dataset can be used to answer questions on the correlation between poverty levels, insurance levels and cancer incidence levels. Further, one can find which cancers affect a certain race or state more.

ETF optimization

Web Development

During my sophomore year summer internship, I collaborated on a team of four interns to develop a linear programming model to find the optimal number of ETFs from client orders to create or borrow inorder to reduce expenses and maximize profit. On top of aiding with the backend, I was responsible for integrating our backend code with a database and user interface. I achieved this goal using Django to connect all parts of the web application.


In the past few months, I've learned a lot about Computer Science and all the ways it fits into the grand scheme. Here are a few essays on various topics in CS which I've come across in my classes, internship, and personal research.

Human Computer Interaction in Game Design

P problems used in approximating NP-hard problems

What is the optimal division of labor between machines and humans?

Northwestern should teach Python as the first programming language

Computational Thinking in Finance

Contributions of Edsger Dijkstra

Limitations of PageRank

Do we need end-to-end encryption in messaging applications?

Ethics of human sensory enhancement and substitution